"I dedicate myself to my projects, obsessing over the process of artistic creation.

Always aiming to seduce the wearer with the forms and textures that I have conceived and forged."


Paula Vieira

Constantly taking inspiration from nature and the complexities of natural phenomena, Paula Vieira has been creating handcrafted jewellery in Portugal since 1994. Designing truly one of a kind pieces, Paula has become synonymous with experimental yet beautiful designs that juxtapose the simplicity of simple shapes with the complexity of textures that form in the wild.


Paula Vieira Jewellery creates multiple collections a year based around a single theme or idea, often taking a unique design process and expanding it to complement a wide variety of rings, earrings, necklaces & statement pieces. Each item produced embraces its slight variations from the original design, offering the wearer an exceptional creation that will be truly unique to them. One off, bespoke jewellery can also be commissioned to match one's personal style.

As an innovator in the industry in her own right, Paula Vieira also loves to ignite this passion for creativity in others and has been teaching jewellery design since 1996. From both her cosy studio and schools in Lisbon & Porto, Paula has built up a reputation as a teacher who can help her students realise their true potential in the field & become artists in their own right.

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