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Firenze · Rinascità Ring

  • 925 silver ring
    Dimensions – top 25 x 25 mm
    Weight ≈ 17,3 g (variable according to size)


    Designed and handcrafted in Lisbon

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  • Firenze


    Florentine architecture is lauded throughout the world, the city is something of a living museum filled with majestic buildings, picturesque palaces and iconic monuments. A city most famous for its art yet, for this collection Paula Vieira is reflecting on what frames these artworks.


    The Vasari Corridor connects the Palazzo Vecchio with the Palazzo Pitti and was originally constructed by a nervous Duke scared of the public. It now stands alongside the Ponte Vecchio as a symbol of strength and architectural beauty, the fortified shapes that the bridge creates are represented in a unique, statement ring that mimics the flow of the architecture along with the important bond that the bridge creates.


    In a city filled with Renaissance paintings, sculptures and classical buildings its sometimes easy to forget the art that showcases them. The frames that are individually carved, engraved and gilt-edged to create a piece that is almost as beautiful as the work it supports. It’s these little details that Paula has celebrated in this collection with a series of unique gold earrings and bold rings that further explore the idea of beauty in the (almost) everyday.