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Lisboa · Sete Colinas Earrings

  • 925 silver earrings
    Dimensions – length 44 mm
    Weight 6,8 g (pair)


    Designed and handcrafted in Lisbon

  • Lisboa


    The home of Paula Vieira and the birthplace her jewellery, the Lisboa collection takes the city's famous landmarks and interprets them in her own unique style. The Portuguese capital is synonymous with ups & downs, from total collapse to complete rebuild - and nothing could symbolise its bittersweet struggles better than its iconic seven hills. Paula's love for the geography of the city and the spirit of its people has inspired a statement ring in this collection, sculpted to represent the undulating peaks of the city. Carving its way through the hills of Lisboa is the Aqueduto das Aguas Livres, a monument with deep, sweeping arches that is re-imagined in this range by a stand-out gold necklace that celebrates these distinctive vertical curves.


    The Casa dos Bicos, an iconic building within the city, stands as a monument to the Portuguese Manueline style combined with the architect's love for Renaissance art. Covered in a facade of spikes, diamond-shaped stones that protrude distinctly from its exterior - the building is a gem within the city and one that Paula is shining a light on with a series of unique earrings and bold rings that mimic its off-beat style.