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A tale of five cities, the brand new collection is inspired by unique landmarks.
Romanica draws its influence from geometric structures & ornate architecture of the cities of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Firenze, Lisboa and Paris, honing in on the elements that Paula has truly resonated with.

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The distinctive shapes that have evolved around the manmade canals have inspired the pieces within this collection; from the very haphazard old apartment buildings in Jordaan that loom ominously over the water to the ultra-modern Nemo museum that appears to emerge from the depths, completely contoured in design and carving its way gently through the antiquated Amsterdam skyline. These visual cues are reflected in Paula's jewellery like Aide-mémoires to past adventures while some pieces simply show admiration for the city's geometric construction, looking at the beauty in its thoughtful creation.

When you think of Paris, you think of Eiffel. A tower that stands as a proud monument to the power of France, its people and its industry. Constructed from latticed wrought iron the structure is industrial in its design, yet romantic with its sweeping curves and ornately weaved sections. Paula has de-constructed the tower in order to appreciate the individual elements that truly speak to her. The iconic upper tower is re-imagined as a series of linked pyramids that form a statement necklace within the collection, while the structure's block sections are highlighted in an elegant gold ring finished off with a diamanté flourish. A celebration of the elements that make this structure just so defining.

The home of Paula Vieira and the birthplace her jewellery, the Lisboa collection takes the city's famous landmarks and interprets them in her own unique style. The Portuguese capital is synonymous with ups & downs, from total collapse to complete rebuild - and nothing could symbolise its bittersweet struggles better than its iconic seven hills. Paula's love for the geography of the city and the spirit of its people has inspired a statement ring in this collection, sculpted to represent the undulating peaks of the city. Carving its way through the hills of Lisboa is the Aqueduto das Aguas Livres, a monument with deep, sweeping arches that is re-imagined in this range by a stand-out gold necklace that celebrates these distinctive vertical curves.

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