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For over 25 years, Paula Vieira has been creating contemporary, one-of-a-kind jewellery in Portugal. Using the raw beauty of nature as her main source of inspiration, these limited collections fuse the designer's unique knowledge and love for noble materials to create investment pieces that are infinitely wearable. 


Throughout her career, Paula Vieira has always strived for innovation in her work. During her education, Paula was inspired and encouraged by her masters at the Contacto Directo School in Lisbon to think not just about what already exists, but to imagine what could be. This set her on a path of obsessive experimentation into new contemporary jewellery techniques and unique inspirations. Working with internationally renowned jewellers such as Otto Künzli, Robert Smit and Harold O'Connor further fuelled her passion and would change her life in design forever. The Studio, her Artistic Laboratory In 1998 Paula Vieira founded her own jewellery brand, and opened a studio in Porto, where she lived at that time. Upon its creation, Paula soon ceased to create for other brands and focused her whole heart on her own designs. In addition to an extensive collection of unique gold pieces, Paula Vieira successfully developed silver pieces with small gold details, giving them a unique perceptive value at the time. After some years Paula began to feel the longing (saudade) for her place of birth, and so she hitched up her studio and travelled back down to Lisbon - a move which would bring about her greatest period of experimentation into new materials and never seen techniques.


With a very varied portfolio, Paula Vieira became well known throughout Europe for combining materials in a truly original way. Through a completely handcrafted manufacturing process, Paula juxtaposed the simplicity of shapes and the complexity of textures that form in nature and applied it to golds and silvers, removing the monotony of traditional polishing. A true innovation at the time. Due to the handmade character of her jewellery, albeit similar, all of her creations had & continue to have small variations, offering the wearer a truly unique piece.


The gratifying pedagogical experience of Paula's early years in study influenced the course of her future career. Since 1996 Paula Vieira has taught at the Jewellery Project at ESAD, Matosinhos, the Contacto Directo School and at the Jewellery Center in Lisbon. Paula also teaches privately in her studio in Lisbon, awakening in others a passion for creativity. Over the years, she has built up a reputation as a teacher who can help her students reach their true potential in the field of jewellery and become artists in their own right.



Currently Paula Vieira is still crafting and creating contemporary jewellery from her cosy studio in Lisbon. Each year she launches two brand-new collections to her dedicated audience, a group of whom appreciate the authenticity & exclusivity of her work. "I dedicate myself to my projects, obsessing over the process of artistic creation. Always aiming to seduce the wearer with the forms and textures that I have conceived and forged." Her truly one of a kind pieces are a testament to her sustained belief in innovation and artistry.