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Collecting Moments

The “Catrineta Ship” brooches

The Catrineta Ship is a poem written by an anonymous poet from the 17th century. It tells a story about a difficult journey made by Jorge de Albuquerque Coelho, a nobleman,  aboard Santo Antonio carrack in the Atlantic Ocean, from the New World to Lisbon in 1565. Sailing in stormy...

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Small Life

The first day of my internship I was asked not to wear a skirt, which I found strange. I was seated at a huge old wooden work table equipped with blow torches that kept a low flame burning all day, almost invisible at daylight. On the opposite side of the...

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"Água Livre" Necklace

Carving its way through the hills of Lisboa is the Aqueduto das Águas Livres, a monument with deep, sweeping arches that is re-imagined in this range by a stand-out gold necklace that celebrates these distinctive vertical curves. The aqueduct is a vast system for collecting and transporting water using gravity....

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Myths vs Facts in Jewellery

Here are some myths you should not believe in:   Biting is a suitable method to test out the authenticity of gold – No, there are other soft materials that can be coated with gold; Gold comes in different colours – No, real gold is yellow. Gold is alloyed with...

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Inspiration & Originality

What does it mean to produce original work? I discuss this topic with my new students every year. That magic moment when we, absorbed by an idea or thought, seem to be dreaming, is sometimes difficult to arise. Somedays inspiration is there, others nothing comes to our mind. Without any...

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26 Years Making Jewellery

I tried almost everything with an urgency, as if there was no tomorrow. I worked with gold, in a compromise between innovation and market trends; I created jewels combining silver and gold which was a great innovation in the market. I used precious stones. I made unique pieces and a...

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